Rhonda Perryman

Rhonda Perryman is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Rhonda is a Real Estate Mogul, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Financier. Rhonda has been buying and selling real estate since1996, residential and commercial real estate has been her specialty for many years. She has worked with several investors and built Million Dollar portfolios. She has managed hundreds of properties. Rhonda has also built, owned and created dozens of successful businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, spa and beauty and construction.

Rhonda has been self-employed her whole career. Her mission is not to “Survive” but to “Thrive”. She has been able to manage her time and her money, which allowed her to raise her kids without having to worry about reporting to a boss, working the typical 9 to 5 job, along with not wanting the daycare to raise her kids all day. Rhonda’s early journey into the entrepreneur world was through the beauty industry as a teenager and she turned her expertise into a lucrative business for over 14 years.

Rhonda is currently in the preliminary stages of authoring a book and mini-series chronically her life story as a mom and mogul.

Rhonda knows that it’s important for people to know your life journey because behind every successful person there are stories that need to be told that are good and bad. By telling her story she hopes to inspire others especially the youth and young adults that all it takes is a business license and the will to get started and you can turn your dreams into a reality. Let Rhonda show you that you can build and grow your wealth just as she has.