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Rhonda Perryman Has The Magic Touch

Real Estate Mogul, Life Coach, Financier, Entrepreneur Rhonda Perryman has the “Magic Touch “ everything she touches turns to gold. Rhonda believes a lot of the issues that we experience daily are emotional, for example we deal with relationship, health, and career issues. You would be surprised what a six-figure income would change, we all have issues and being broke should not be one of them. Rhonda shows you how to make money in your sleep through Real Estate and Smart Investments.

About Rhonda Perryman

Rhonda Perryman is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Rhonda is a Real Estate Mogul, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Financier. Rhonda has been buying and selling real estate since1996, residential and commercial real estate has been her specialty for many years. She has worked with several investors and built Million Dollar portfolios. She has managed hundreds of properties. Rhonda has also built, owned and created dozens of successful businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, spa and beauty and construction.  Continue reading…

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